Saturday, 17 September 2011

Not quite started yet....

Well, still haven't actually started the challenge. I have got my stuff through from Dementia UK, now have a T Shirt to wear whilst doing the challenge. I was going to start with Judo on Wednesday but life (driving lesson) got in the way and I know that learning to drive is a bit of a priority at the moment. I have contacted the local taekwondo club so maybe I can start that one day next week and get going. Things have been moving on other sports though, I have found an archery beginners course to do in January and a local fencing club also do beginners courses. Hopefully the next time I post will be of definite plans of my first sport. It's all getting very real now. Eeeeek!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Have taken the plunge.

I decided to sort this sports challenge out today, after drunkenly telling my friends last weekend that I was going to do it I thought I better bite the bullet and do it! I have sorted out my sponsorship page, my challenge page and this blog. I have also contacted Cirencester Judo club to ask them if I can come along to a couple of weeks training with them so I can get my first sport out of the way. I go on holiday in 2 weeks time so hope to get my first sport done by then. I have emailed the club secretary so hopefully I will hear back from him very soon. Watch this space.


Welcome to my blog. I have started this blog to tell you how I am doing with the Olympic Gold Challenge. I have only started it up today so bare with me while I get it up to scratch and looking good. So, suppose I should tell you about the Gold Challenge and what I am doing. You can find my official Challenge Page on the right hand side of my page and you can sponsor me there. There are a number of challenges you can choose from, I chose the Sports Challenge. I will be doing 20 sports before the start of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. I need to do either 3 hours of coaching or a competitive event in each sport and I need to get evidence to prove I have done it. I plan to tell you about every sport I have done on here with pictures. I am doing this challenge to raise money for Dementia UK. I have recently started working as an Admiral Nurse- a role that is supported by Dementia UK which is part of the wonderful work that they do. Please look at the link on the side of the page to see what they do. Any amount you can spare to sponsor me on the challenge would be gratefully appreciated. Dementia UK works to help people affected with dementia and I would love to help them be able to do more. I will warn you, I am not a natural writer- my spelling and grammar are crap but please feel free to comment on any mistakes- I'm eager to learn!